Korean War

The Korean War never ended. Howard S. Levie drafted the Korean Armistice Agreement. He explains: an armistice is not a peace treaty. It Brings about a cease-fire and a halt to hostilities, but that haltmay be indefinite or for a specified period of time only. An armistice agreement dies not terminate the state of war.

Army bee?

The military planned to use bees to find landmines. The bees could be trained to recognize that something was wrong with the pollen in the flowers, because the acids from the landmines would have been absorbec by the plantlife in the area. The idea was scrapped when PETA said that bees couldn’t be drafted into the military because they arn’t U.S. citizens. Makes you wonder about the K-9 unit, doesn’t it?

The Australian SAS

The Australian SAS force is the Most elite Special Units Force on the Planet.

They undergo more training then any other force. And even the USA used them as the front runners in the Afgan and Araq Wars. the Aussies where the first on the ground and unlike anyother Allie force they had Zero Casualties.