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Popping a Bubble Underwater with a Sound Wave Creates Light

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Sonoluminescence is the emission of short bursts of light from imploding bubbles in a liquid when excited by sound.

There Are 43 Quintillion Ways to Arrange a Standard Rubik’s Cube

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If you had one cube for every possible arrangement you could cover the earth 275 cubes deep.

If you could rearrange the sickers (since the centers are fixed) it would be 12 times as deep.


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A nit is the egg of a louse. Nits will usually cement themselves to the hairs of the host animal and cannot be removed by conventional methods such as combs and chemicals.

It’s all about the little details.

Nitpicking, through it’s nature as a meticulous and detail oriented task has also come to be associated with other laborious tasks.

Origin of Gotham Nickname for New York City

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In 1807, Washington Irving attached the moniker “Gotham” to New York City in a satire publication called Salmagundi.

Salmagundi, by the way, is defined as a dish of chopped meat, anchovies, eggs, onions, and seasoning. Tasty!

Stomach Cement

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If you were to swallow styrofoam it would turn into a cement like material when mixed with your stomach acid.

Cats Ears

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a cats ear has over 32 muscles in it. that means there are 64 musles just for cat ears.

Alice in Wonderland

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In the book of Alice in Wonderland there is a baby that Alice tries to save that eventually turns into a pig. This is symbolic for babies whose parents smoke opium while pregnant, the opium would cause babies to come out with pig like noses, and flatter faces. The author did this because of the extreme use of opium then.


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On average men speak 12,500 words a day. Women speak 25,000

God’s Brain?

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A group of scientists decided to go all around the world and take pictures of the hemispheres above them. After they all got back together and put the pictures together. They looked at the huge picture from a high angle and found that all of the picture of the hemispheres made up what looked to be a brain cell.

how it’s said

Posted on | March 7, 2008 | 2 Comments

yo banana boy is the only sentence that is the same both backwards and forwards…you know like mom, dad, etc..

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