Boxing No Hitter

Roy Jones Jr. is the ONLY boxer in history since the use of CompuBox PunchSTAT to not take a single punch throughout an entire round. Roy Jones Jr. vs. Vinny Pazienza June 24, 1995 6th round.


The LOWEST score a bowler can get with nine strikes in one game is…120. (The highest score a bowler can achieve with nine strikes is…278.)

BAAAAD spectator sport

A game played by the Mayans (I THINK, althought it may have been the Aztecs) was a REAL blood-sport. Players carried pointed sticks and whenever a point was scored, the player who scored the point could go to anyone in the stands and rob them of their clothes, money, and jewelry. If the person refused to hand it over… thus the reason for the pointed stick. If the played couldn’t catch someone from the stands, he could rob a fellow player. So, naturally, whenever a point was scored, the spectators up and left as fast as they could.

Tiger Woods Major Run

Tiger Woods is the only person to hold all four major championships at one time, although it did not happen in the calendar year. He also currently holds the scoring record for all four majors.