God’s Brain?

A group of scientists decided to go all around the world and take pictures of the hemispheres above them. After they all got back together and put the pictures together. They looked at the huge picture from a high angle and found that all of the picture of the hemispheres made up what looked to be a brain cell.

Holy Buggers

Bugs don’t have lungs, they breathe by absorbing oxygen through their “skin”. They can’t grow as big as humans because their tissues would be too thick to get oxygen to vital organs.

Would mushrooms work too?

Sir Alexander Fleming was working in a lab, trying to discover a cure to certain types of bacteria. He was very frusterated, because mold kept on growing in his petri dishes and killing all of the bacteria so he couldn’t study it. He then realized that the mold was his way to kill the bacteria! Thus, penicillin.

Great Wall

If you took all the stones from the Great Wall of China and dispersed them equally around the panet, it would make a wall 5 feet tall completely covering the globe.