Articles liable to compete with national industry.
Articles of silk.
Children toys except sports goods.
Literature, publications, other articles prejudicial to public order or offensive to religion or morality.
Tapestries and lace.


Extravagant clothes and other articles contrary to Albanians’ taste.
Items sent by political emigres.
Literature, publications, and other articles prejudicial to the State public order.
Used articles.


Artificial flowers and interior ornaments.
Ceramic products and imitation jewelry.
Cigars, cigarettes, and tobacco.
Clothing, accessories, and underwear.
Communist propaganda.
Contraceptive products, remedies, or apparatus.
Electrical household appliances.
Footwear, shoes, boots, and accessories.
Furs and clothing made of fur.
Gloves and hosiery.
Household articles of iron, steel, copper, and aluminum.
Household linens.
Perfume products or soaps.
Perishable infectious biological substances.
Playing cards.
Radioactive materials.
Samples of cigars, cigarettes, and tobacco.
Sound recorders and reproducing devices.
Textiles and carpets.
Toys and dolls of all kinds.
Travel articles, suitcases, attache cases, kits, or similar articles.
Waxes and creams for shoes.
Wooden utensils.


Funeral urns.
Household articles made of tin.
Saccharine in tablets or packets.
Used clothing, accessories, blankets, linen, textile furnishings, footwear and headwear.
Watches and clocks.