The Titanic

when some guy (haven’t seen the movie) passed a note to a girl it was yeallow but when she opened it it was white. and in two other scenes the girl with the mole had the mole on the right cheek but in another scene it was on the left side.


The actor who played Jesus , Jim Caviezel in the movie The passion of the Christ was actually struck by lightning thrice during the crucification scene and they say that lightning does not strike the same place twice.

That Disney!

Hidden throughout older Disney movies are pictures or words that…well, don’t seem very Disneyish. I believe the reason for them is mentioned in the book “The Da Vinci Code,” but I can’t remember what it is. Read the book, it’s good. Anyway, here are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.
The Little Mermaid (movie poster/VHS case picture): An erect male organ is visible in the golden background castle. Also, somewhere you can find the F-word in the bubbles.
The Lion King: On one part at night where Simba is out on a rock, S-E-X is clearly written in the stars.
The Rescuers: You’re gonna need the DVD and a zoom button for this one, but it’s worth the trouble. On a certain part where the mice are in a car passing a house with a lit window (it’s night time), pause. Then zoom in on the window. A full frontal of a naked woman is clearly visible.

Silver shoes

In the beginning, Dorothy’s ruby red slippers were silver. But, since the movie was in black and white, they didn’t have much effect. So, they changed them to ruby red.

Quick Solution

In the first Indiana Jones film, “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” there is a scene in which a swordfighter in a market confronts Indy and shows off with some fancy sword menouvers. Indy’s solution is to pull out his gun and shoot him. This was improvised by Harrison Ford, who had an upset stomach on that day of shooting and asked the director if he could cut the originally-planned long and drawn out fight scene shorter. The director agreed, but didn’t tell the rest of the cast or the filming crew, as a joke. Turns out to be one of the most popular scenes in the film.

dunes saga

the first three parts of dune where made after frank heberts first book ‘Dune’from the dune cronicals,the first part of children of dune was made after his second book and the second and third part were made after his third book called’children of dune’


In the first Matrix movie, in the spoon boy scene, the kid bending spoons gives a spoon to Neo so he could bend one. Neo examins the spoon, and in its reflection you can see a crew member dressed in black.