Alice in Wonderland

In the book of Alice in Wonderland there is a baby that Alice tries to save that eventually turns into a pig. This is symbolic for babies whose parents smoke opium while pregnant, the opium would cause babies to come out with pig like noses, and flatter faces. The author did this because of the extreme use of opium then.

Palendrome Sentences

Every one of these sentences is the same when read backwards or frontwards.
I man, am regal, a German am I.
Never odd or even.
If I had a Hi-Fi.
May a moody baby doom a yam?
A Toyota’s a Toyota.
O, Geronimo, no minor ego!
No ‘x’ in Nixon.
Rats live on no evil star.
Won’t lovers revolt now?
Race fast safe car.
Nurse, I spy gypsies, run!
Ufo tofu.
We panic in a pew.
Oozy rat in a sanitary zoo.
God, a red nugget, a fat egg under a dog!
Go hang a salami, I’m a lasagna hog.

There are a few more, I can’t seem to remember them at the moment.

Bush’s Mistake

When Bush Sr. was in office, he took a trip to Australia. After the end of a lengthy speech, he did what he thought was the “v for victory” sign, which in Australia actually means “shove it.” Way to go Bush.

I wouldn’t try writing this out..