Worthless Facts

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if myspace was a country it would be the 8th largest country in the world

dell sux too

this dell i am on now says net signal exclent and on the net is saye un able to connect I some how got on

Key Board Inventor

The inventor of the kayboard style used in most parts of the world today liked his invention so much that he put his name on the top row of letters. Q-W-E-R-T-Y U-I-O-P.

Macintosh Portable

Apple released the Macintosh portable in 1989, cost $6,500 and weighed 15.8 lbs.


Apple.com was registered in 1987 when Apple Computer, Inc went online.

First PDA

Apple Computer, Inc released the world’s first usable PDA namely ‘Newton MessagePad’. Priced at $700 and included a touch sensitive screen, card slot, built in modem and was way ahead of its time.

System 7

Apple’s Macintosh System 7 package came on 12 floppy disks including 3 install disks, tidbits disk, Hypercard disk, printing tools disk, Disk tools disk, tour disks and a fonts disk.


MS Windows 95 is considered the world’s most successful operating system.


spam means Single Post Across Many. it originated from the “aol mania” where there were so many of them that frequently asks how to use the “messenger” and “posting”. instead of just sending the message to one person, the message was broadcasted and everyone receives the message [which is really worthless for the recepient]. so [...]

Lots of IPs

There are 4294967296 possible IP addresses using the current format of four numbers all between 0 and 255.

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