First PDA

Apple Computer, Inc released the world’s first usable PDA namely ‘Newton MessagePad’. Priced at $700 and included a touch sensitive screen, card slot, built in modem and was way ahead of its time.

System 7

Apple’s Macintosh System 7 package came on 12 floppy disks including 3 install disks, tidbits disk, Hypercard disk, printing tools disk, Disk tools disk, tour disks and a fonts disk.


spam means Single Post Across Many. it originated from the “aol mania” where there were so many of them that frequently asks how to use the “messenger” and “posting”. instead of just sending the message to one person, the message was broadcasted and everyone receives the message [which is really worthless for the recepient]. so until now [emails], those unwanted mails from whoever made a broadcast is also referred to as a SPAM.