There are some stupid bloopers in the original Matrix movie… one is, in the scene where kid is bending spoons, Neo examins one, and you can see a reflection of a crew member in it. Another is, when the group slide down the walls and Switch and Apoc start shooting, Apoc isn’t wearing his shades. When he goes down the man hole 5 seconds later, he’s wearing his shades. You can also see a harness when Neo does the big jump when he’s doing his training.

3 men and a baby

if you look close at one of the scenes in “three men and a baby” in the apartment there is a boy who wasn’t supposed to be there standing in the doorway. there are 2 sides to the story. #1 he was a boy off of another set who got lost and #2 it was a ghost of a boy who died on the set. either way. its pretty creepy.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz… and its’ makeup

Makeup in the thirties was dangerous. The original actor who was selected to play the Tin Man was rushed to the hospital when the aluminum powder that had been his makeup got into the air and coated his lungs. The actors were changed and the costume department changed the makeup from aluminum powder to aluminum paste. In the scenes where the Wicked Witch would disappear in a plume of smoke and fire, the copper ores in the makeup sometimes caught on fire. The actress ended up with second and third degree burns on her face and hands from it.


Did you know that it took 5 years to produce (tape) the movie Shrek? The “manager” guy found the perfect voice to play Shrek’s voice, then he died about 3/4 through taping the movie. Then, they found Mike Myers, he did the wrong voice through the whole movie, then he did the perfect voice, weird huh?

Pearl Harbor

In the movie the hero and his g/f are siting on a platform on the Queen Mary (a supposedly haunted ship) the platform drops a bit and they get quite a scare. Apparently, they say that the ghosts of the Queen Mary did that and it wasn’t in the script.