darwin awards – for people who die doing stupid things

some guy came runner up in the darwin awards (he didn’t actually die) for wanting to fly. He purchased weather balloons, tied them to her favourtire chair, got in with a pop gun and untied his chair. The only problem was he kept rising until he was at the height aeroplanes fly at. at this point he figured useing the gun to pop the balloons was way too dangerous, so he just kept drifting – right into the air space of the busiest airport in the world!
after nearly getting squished by planes, he popped some of the balloons and floated to earth where he got stuck in some power lines and was rescued by police who ‘were going to charge him once they figured out what law he had broken’
can you imagine the piolets radioing base
‘Um, we have a deck chair here, i repeat, a deck chair with some bloke ine it!’

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