Worthless Facts

Are they worthless? Are they facts? You Decide.

artificial language

somebody in history created an artificial language and named it ESPERANTO. anyone knows who he is? please share your knowledge.

dead skin

ten thousand dead skin cells fall of your legs every step you make


MS Windows 95 is considered the world’s most successful operating system.


spam means Single Post Across Many. it originated from the “aol mania” where there were so many of them that frequently asks how to use the “messenger” and “posting”. instead of just sending the message to one person, the message was broadcasted and everyone receives the message [which is really worthless for the recepient]. so [...]

6 hours

Did you know that every six hours a new McDonald’s restaurant opens(worldwide)

don’t get mad at me… just havin’ fun!

pro is the opposite of con. pro is positive, con is not. does it mean that CONGRESS is the OPPOSITE of PROGRESS??

marry me barbie

if Barbie were life-size, her measurements would be 39-23-33 and she would stand seven feet, two inches tall.


Kangaroo in aboriginal is ‘i dunno’

4 Knees

The elephant is the only animal with 4 knees!


Most goldfish dont feel bloated if they eat to much, so they can die if they eat to much.

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