True Dino knowledge

The velociraptor was only three feet tall, though many people mistakenly think it is six feet tall due to the fact that hollywood wanted to make the creature more impressive and scary for the jurassic park films. The raptors in the movie are truly based on deinonychus, a much larger raptor. Also… The tails of the velociraptors were much too flexible, the various tendons in the tail would have stiffened it.

Another thing… The majority of scientists have come to conclude that Tyrannosaurus Rex could only run up to 18 miles an hour. Due to the positioning of it’s legs, the space between fossilized footprints, and the fact that if the creature fell over it wouldn’t be able to stop itself from cracking it’s skull open, it is very unlikely that the predator would have been able to run any faster.

And a last thing… Did you know that pterodactyls and other various flying reptiles of the past were NOT dinosaurs? they were classified as Pterosaurs, completely seperate from dinosaurs.

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