Misunderstoof Fish

It is commonly believed that most pet fish only have a memory span of three seconds. BUT it has been proven that goldfish can remember things for up to 3 months! …… If it involves food . The goldfish were trained to pull a leaver to get food , then to make it even more complicated they made the leaver only work at a certain time . The fishy’s figured it out and lived happily ever after.
The End!


Aldolf Hitler almost died in the First World War. It was a shell. Also, Hitler’s father’s original name was Schticklgruber or something


Every male in his life will have prostate cancer, but some just never develop into the stages and become dangerous.

Mama Black Hole

Did you know that supposedly there could be a black hole, and I mean the mama of all black holes, swallowing up matter in the center of our galaxy? Sounds a little far-fetched doesn’t it?