5 thoughts on “Text Trouble”

  1. Fragheads – You Fraging Retard they are COMPLETELY different languages and cultures. Japanese does require punctuation.

  2. Neither does english, apparently – I think that this would be an appropriate place to post a rant about the lack of proper grammer and punctuation on this site. People, there is no time limit to posting. Take your time and spell words correctly and use proper grammer. It makes you infinitly easier to understand, and it’s not that difficult. Please stop using all caps as well, as that is rather distracting and annoying. You will all seem much more intellegent if you just take the time to type properly. It will also increase your speed when your typing a formal report that needs proper grammer and spelling. If you don’t know the spelling, use the spell check on Microsoft Word of Google. Thank you.

  3. WHAT? – I study Mandarin. It definitely does require punctuation. It uses periods, exclamation points, question marks, the “series comma” which we don’t have in English and more. Maybe other dialects don’t require it, but I don’t know. Perhaps in older forms of different Chinese dialects punctuation was not required. Also, in old Latin punctuation was not required.

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