Slow Animals

The turtle has the lowest pulse rate of any animal: 13 beats per minute.

3 thoughts on “Slow Animals”

  1. cool – if a turtle’s heart beat is that fast normally what is it when it’s asleep???
    ponder that one!!!

  2. slow animals – i have heard that the animal with the slowest heart rate is the blue whale with a rate of 9 beats per minute

  3. Not Sure – From what I have seen, very little research has been done on blue and gray whales’ heartbeats. In an email I read, some self-proclaimed expert said that heart rates generally decrease with size, and so the blue whale’s heartbeat is probably 4-6 beats per minute. It is possible that the turtle has the lowest MEASURED pulse of any animal, and it is also possible that the email I read was full of $hit.

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