about 2% of all people on this planet are COMPLETLY straight, and 2% are COMPLETLY homosexual. around 95% of all people are bisexual, even though they seem uncomfortable with the same sex, if you had at least one thought, dream, or some kind of fantacy about the same sex,even if you didnt control it, you are considered ”bisexual”. spooky isint it? but that dosent mean there is anything wrong with that.

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  1. I can believe it – My best friend is a psychology student. She told me the same thing. Almost no one is completely homosexual or heterosexual. There’s always ONE exception, but some have more than others.

  2. yeah right – That is a worthless, BULLSHOOT fact, and Jayson how do u know 40% of women buy kondoms? do u be with every woman or what? and besides that was BULLSHOOT fakt u just mentioned….it’s a worthless BULLSHOOT fakt

  3. hey Santana201J – how did u get the power to be such a dick head…you really dont have to go areound writting bullshoot every few words i mean really!!! at least Jayson can get girls(or boys cause im not sure what sex he is no afence Jayson) so just stop being a BIG DICK HEAD!!! god damnit!!!

  4. actually… – I KNOW that I am bi…but with others? Having a sexual thought or fantasy, does not actually mean you want to have sex with them, these dreams most often occur in teens, during hormonal periods. Btw, more women then men are “bisexual” because even straight women are willing to get close, and touch, as well as they more often mistake the closeness to there friends to sexual desire. Men don’t let these emotions go as free.
    Interesting, eh?

  5. Who Frickin’ Gives A Crap – Yeah do ya actually think that people give a peice of crap whether all the people in the world are gay or les or bi. well guess what buddy, no body gives a crap.

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