No knees!

We are born without a kneecap. It’s not properly developt untill were six.

6 thoughts on “No knees!”

  1. well i dont see how thats true… – i mean if we dont develop one till were six how do we walk?

  2. What? – — Gaminguy’s bro (aka Eebster the Great; I forgot my password):
    Whoever agreed to allow this thread onto this site was probably very tired, or very stupid. I can’t say I know for a fact that this fact isn’t true, but I would be extraordinarily surprised if it was. Sorry, but it just doesn’t make any sense.

  3. so – we are also born without chins and babies have almost twice the amount of bones as adults do…its to make birthing easier…so…wats ur point?

  4. umm… – Eebster, you’re wrong. I know the fact is true. Until about six, we only have cartalidge. X-rays show this, because there’s a large gap where the knee should be in leg x-rays of children younger than six. Cartalidge doesn’t show up in x-rays. A lot of joints don’t develop until about six.

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