Carrot Crazy

Eating large amounts of carrots will eventually turn your skin orange because of the chemical substance called carotene which is found in carrots. Carotene is the cause of the orange hue in leaves during the fall.

6 thoughts on “Carrot Crazy”

  1. Orange you glad – Orange you glad I am here to confirm this is a TRUE FACT. Learned it in General Pathology while in dental school in the River City.

  2. not really – uuuh actually it doesn’t turn your skin orange it will give you a *very very slight* orangish tint

  3. Noooooooooooooo – this isnt true, they tested it on brainiac science abuse on sky 1!! oh yeah and shut up!! (o_O)

  4. It’s true. – Yea, it’s true. When I was a baby, the only vegetables I ever ate were mashed carrots. It turned my skin yellowish-orange. Not shockingly colored, just tinted enough to be noticable, like a really bad-quality tan-in-a-bottle.

  5. hm – I ate a lot of carrots but I had Jaundice (I think I may have spelled that wrong) so no one really noticed if it turned my skin orange.

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