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  1. Unfourtanetly no. – Emeralds have a completely different compisition from diamonds. Diamonds are made of one substance Carbon(formula C). Emeralds are a mineral called beryl with chromium or Vanadium impurities giving the stone its green colour. Beryl is composed of Beryllium Aluminum Silicon and Oxygen(formula Al2Be3(Si6O18) ). Also Diamonds are very hard ranking at 10 on the mohs hardness scale, Emeralds however are only a 7.5.
    Sorry if I sound like a know it all but I work in a Stone Selling store.

  2. how old are you? – sorry, but improve your grammer before you post here again. “Most rarest?” Come on, you’re either in 2nd grade, retarded, or live in Kansas. Anyway, I’m pretty sure that diamonds only come in one color. I could be wrong, but I’m almost positive that the only time you’ll see green diamonds are when they’re made in a lab. That’s the main way to tell real diamonds from fake ones. Fake diamonds have small imperfections, like a slight tint in their color. I learned this in science class from one of the videos we watched, so I’m pretty sure it’s accurate.

  3. thats completely innacurate – diamonds do not come ins hades of green and theyr called emeralds and emeralds are not the rarest

    second off….most rarest?

  4. Boron Diamonds – Let’s see who understands this or knows where I got it from…
    There is a type of diamond that is tinted bluish (therefore there is more than one color of diamond). It is useless in jewlery as it isn’t a very pretty color, but it gets its blue tint from the element boron. These diamonds are very rare and are used in emerging computer technology for high-speed processing and such.
    Aside from that, diamonds are their regular color. “Green Diamonds” are emeralds. “Most Rarest” isn’t exactly grammatically correct. And grammar is spelled like that, not “grammer.” Thank you.

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