Double Facts

The earth is the most densest planet in the solar system, and is the only planet not named after a god.

7 thoughts on “Double Facts”

  1. sorry but no – 1) Jupiter is the densest due to its massive size and core which is about the same size as the earth.
    2) Earth is the roman goddess of life.

  2. Deadbob – where did u find about the goddess Earth…’cause everything that has ever been taught to me says that Earth is the only planet not named after a god….so…how are so many books and professors and such wrong?

  3. i know! – actually, i dont know, but i got a suggestion. why dont you go look up google or something just as senseless but useful as that and go check and see if there’s a roman goddess of life called Earth, purplearcher07. i dont consider and of the retarded “facts” this worthless guy posts up, cause his sources arent always senseible, so im with DeadBob on this one

  4. opps – just incase there’s any retarded perfectionists that no goddam person can live up to (8-) ), i meant ANY** instead of [and] so dont get more confused then u already are :D

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