The Earth is not round, but slightly pear-shaped.

6 thoughts on “Squish!”

  1. Pear shaped? – Ahahaha! I’m sure the word u were looking for was “egg”. Egg shaped, meaning, not perfectly round.

  2. idiot – of course he meant pear! how the hell could someone mistake the shape of a egg for a pear! or pear as an egg!

  3. … – Sorry Slarioux, but he was right. the earth is slightly pear shaped due to the amazing force of gravity pushing on it. It’s like having a round balloon, and squeezing it in the middle. It’s shape changes with the appropriate force applied to it

  4. Almost – Caity, it’s true that the Earth is pear shaped, but that’s not a result of gravity. Gravity tends to make perfect spheres because it pulls (almost) equally from all sides. However, the Earth is not a perfect sphere, but has a northern hemisphere which is very slightly smaller than the southern hemisphere. This is because of the Earth’s rotation.

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