4 thoughts on “Hello?”

  1. not me – i’m left handed, so i see better out of my left eye am stronger on my left side and use my right brain which makes me slightly more intelligent and can make and understand objects in my mind. there’s a nerve in your neck that twists around making your right brain control the left side, and the left brain controls the right side. the left side can write words and make lines in your mind, usually making a more artistic person. where as the right brain can picture full colored 3d objects (at least mine can) and can think more logicaly (sp?) and creativley (sp? again) some studies have even shown that being left hand could be linked to ESP.

  2. COOL! – That’s true… I’m a lefty but I do alot like cutting paper with my right hand.. I can hear alot better in the right than the left…WTF are you talkin about deadbob? you should study your shoot before you go and make a fool of yourself…right brain left brain…pfttt…i hate dumbass people!

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