The book of Esther (in the Bible) does not contain the word “God.”

11 thoughts on “God-less”

  1. Because – It doesnt have the word G-d in it because it was a hidden miracle which G-d Himself did ; )

  2. huh – why did you say G-d, are you some kind of religious pussy too wimpy to say God. What’s so wrong with saying God. God damn you, God Damnit, God blah de blah blah.

  3. Now ik for sure that’s a fakt.. – and Hummer, I agree with Deadbob, why u fragin afraid to say GOD?? He loves us all.

  4. Shut up – Umm..hello? Dont you morons know the 10 comandments, to not use G-ds name in vain…and why do u judge me for saying it like I want to??? That’s whats totally wrong with the world today! Judging something that other ppl believe. k?

  5. Hummer…. – Well, Hummer if u was so koncerned in using God’s name in vain, it seems like to me on ur first post u wasn’t using his name in vain, and besides Deadbob and Santana wasn’t judging u…I think u got it twisted..don’t get it twisted.

  6. good work – if you’d rather say G-d, then go ahead! i’m christian so i know what you’re on about, but i have to say that what you typed wasn’t using his name in vein. Using it in vein is cussing (J-sus C-rist when you stub your toe) otherwise you couldn’t pray properly, couldn’t say you believe in him etc.

  7. Idiots! all of you. – deadbob and santana many people say G-d or Gd because people believe God is to holy to write and if any of u morons would look hummer wasn’t trying to say he himself didn’t want to take God’s name in vain he was saying to deadbob and santana not to take God’s name in vain.

  8. Tomeito, Tomahto – Everyone knows that G-d means God, so what’s wrong with saying it? I don’t think god the father, or jesus, would care if you used god in Hummer’s context, but if she’s afraid to say it, thinks it’s wrong to say it, or whatever WHO CARES? How could you possibly insult her for it? Maybe I should yell at Deadbob for using “.” instead of “?”, or Santana for saying “u” instead of “you”. If you ask me, this site isn’t worth shoot (or $hit if you prefer, or shiite, or poop) if you can’t say anything without being shouted at! Take “biblical leniancy”, for instance. What’s the point of trying to argue if everybody is just going to hate you for having a different view? – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -P.S.: Who calls a girl a pussy?

  9. umm… – Isn’t God supposed to be all-forgiving and all-loving? So he would damn someone to Hell for just saying his name? That doesn’t seem very kind to me. Also, saying God isn’t using his name in vain. using his name in vain is saying goddamnit or somethign like that. Simply saying his name isn’t bad.

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