Mass Production

More people are alive today, than have ever died.

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  1. oo – cool. maybe cause lots of people enjoy sex alot, and nowadays, we have the protection, and the time, and anybody we want. but since we think that the protection keeps us from getting pregnant, people have sex more, but more accedents happen. but im sure that what i just said is probably not true… heh lol its just my theory.

  2. Because, – Actually it is because the world’s population grows at an expotential rate. It is also largely due to the major over-population in LEDCs, especially China and, indeed, many parts of Africa, Asia and South America. In MEDCs such as America and England, contraception is affordable and available. In LEDCs it is very expensive and very hard to attain.

  3. u sure? – I personally find it hard to belive that less than 6 billion people have ever died in the history or the universe, with the genocides and holocausts and all, but u may be right. I’m not doubting or contradicting you.

  4. Nope – Genocides or holocausts kill between hundreds and millions of people. One billion = 1,000 million. I doubt that many people have ever been killed of un-natural causes in all history.

  5. sorry, bud – since homo sapiens came to be about 60,000,000,000 people have died. there are only about 6,000,000,000 people alive today.

  6. pigs will fly before that could happpen – If more people are alive today than have ever died, what about the people who died b.c.? they dont count. Roman has been around b.c. and a.d. so there is no way you people can tell me that roman never exsited. And at the height of the empire they had a large population. so hypethetically, less use roman and Europe, even though they do not have the same time period, more then 16.5 million people had to died between the two.

  7. I’ve heard this one before – The math that ‘proves’ this never takes into account the fact that poeple die in mass numbers. Almost like starting the population over. Which means the math that proves this is not accurate.

  8. _ – i dont know i read somewhere that if the people of china were to start walkin in a straight line it would never end cuz they would reproduce so much

  9. over population – if you RELE think about it, we’re going to be overpopulated in about 20 yrs. becuz if you have 5 kids you already put 3 more ppl in the population (2 kids are the parents replacemnts) well maybe there might be 3 ppl who don’t have kids, but still my point is we’ll be over populated!

  10. To Mass Production – omg.. well that just killed the rest of my brain cells. That was the worst information I have ever come across

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