5 thoughts on “I’m Scared!”

  1. O-k… – did u jus make tht up or sumthin? *scratches head* i would called it sumthin random like phomohecrophoniaclidite or sumthin…

  2. Waaaah- – – Im scared! Doctor, how can i stop the fear of fear? Stop being. I mean, fearing fear is like trying to hammer a hammer, tutor your own tutor, and cooking the cook. OOPS! remove the cooking that’s HARSH. You know what, your like running away from a race. FUNNY( : P] Oh yeah, exceptions are: logging the log, watching the watch, and jerking off the jerk off. HA HA H A HAHA HA HAH A HA! EHEHE ehe…… WOOH! I love being this stupid when nobody knows me. I just love it.

  3. sorry O_O – My brain got carried away by the radiowaves of the computer. (@_@) *still dizzy* um, what am I saying again? Oh yeah, phobiaphobia fear of fear, rare but quite intruiging, I guess you ar an asshole. you are an idiot. Fear of fears. You are trying badly to get insulted. you fraging son of a “phobiaphobic” retard bitch.

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