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Sea turtles don’t age– they wont die unless they get an infection or get eaten by a larger animal. This means there could be a thousand year old turtle swimming around somewhere…..

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  1. I don’t think so – Sea Turtles sexually mature anywhere from 10 to 50 years but nobody knows how long they actually live for. I wouldn’t rule out a thousand years yet but I do believe anything meant to propogate its species is also meant to age to death.

  2. hmm… – I don’t think a disney movie would be a very trust worthy source of information on the life span of anything

  3. Uh huh… – Coming from someone who just watched “Finding Nemo” (known universally as profoundly intelligent) this MUST be true. Jeez, why do you have to be so skeptical?

  4. Grab shell, dude. – Actually, while I don’t think that they don’t age, I think that they can live to be up to a thousand if they are protected.

  5. sure – i agree with fripple and rex on this. disney? come on thats just stupid to beleive that from such a source. and to think movie with talking fish would make you beleive that this is true. what the hell are you thinking?

  6. Wow! – That’s very fascinating! I did not know that! I feel smarter now. Thank you for making my day! Someday I’ll go swimming in the deep blue and find a sea turtle myself and ask it how old it is! Perhaps it’ll just say that it’s a trillion years old! Then I’ll make turtle soup out of it.

  7. Nemo – I love nemo! and i think turtels can live for a looooooooooooong time but not 1000 years

  8. impossible – Every thing ages no matter what! Plus why belive a Disney movie. You think i can think of a happy thought and start to fly?

  9. me turtle be livin… – Our heirloom turtle is about 3500 years old. so yeah.. it’s possible… her flippers have even evolved into fins. so she can even do glides out of the water…

  10. the Facts – “Most sea turtles live approximately 15 to 20 years and may live to be 80 years old. ” –

    “Scientists are still researching sea turtle longevity. Once sea turtles reach sexual maturity, they may have an estimated reproductive life of about 30 years. Given that some species reach maturity at 50 years, an 80-year lifespan is feasible.” –

    “It is believed that green sea turtle can live up to 80 years of age. Unfortunately, because humans have hunted sea turtles for so long, we have not yet allowed populations to recover fully to track their natural lifespan.” –

    So there you have it. …..Disney does not use hardly any FACTUAL information in any of thier movies. You are a fool for beliving it.

  11. not quite true – there has been a reported 300 year old turtle that i know of- but the is no such thing as never being able to age- if sea turtles didnt age they would awlays be babies

  12. Ummmm… – 1) If you look at the source and have a logical brain that is capable of simple reasoning you can see that he/she clearly states that a friend told him/her AFTER watching Finding Nemo.
    2) No one has specific evidence that sea turtles cannot live for thousands of years. Basicly, unless we have positive evidence this will just remain a worthless myth.

  13. I think………. – That everything has to die one time or another.The oldest human was
    (I think) 130 years old.But that person did in fact die.So I think everything dies sooner or later and turtles do go up to 300 years old but there is no record of a 1000 year old turtle……I think……

  14. ok then…U think that – Turtles are one of my favorite animals, don’t get me wrong, they live to be around 150 years old, so……sorry!

  15. Put it this way….we all gonna die! – Not every living organism on earth is gonna live forever. Everybody is gonna die, as well as every kreature.

  16. hey now – whos we if any one eats turtles they are messed up…i for one am a vegitarian the only meat i eat is man meat when i lick them…oh santan201J you were actully kinda nice this time!! WOW im impressed!! :P

  17. Seeing is believing! – Finding Nemo is a awesome movie, though when i saw the Little Mermaid, i thought “i need to go the ocean and find a mermaid!” of course I didn’t. Then i saw Jumbo or Bimbo whatever…I really thought elephants can fly! The next thing i knew i saw a unicorn by the lake. My point is: Disney is Fantasy, life is reality. Two major differences, no similarties. i use sarcasm to make my point of view. For all i know, you could ask the director………

  18. ……… – I think its possible I mean in prehistoric time there were giant creatures like crocodiles, boars, elephants,and even turtles and most of these have been suspected to have lived a thousand years. I think those who are capable of growing bigger like a crocodile can live longer and once the body cant grow any longer that means the body can no longer produce enough cells and that means body’s system is now weak and when the system is weak the body is weak. When strength fades away the animal dies eventualy! So if the cells of the turtle is built to be strong enogh it will longer than hundreds of years

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