Easy to Spell

The shortest word in the English language with all its letters in alphabetical order is the word “almost.”

12 thoughts on “Easy to Spell”

  1. huh? – did i miss something, because janedoe called blackdrake a nerd, when she is the one using the stupid “shortened” words (“u” “r”), so her writing is barely comprehendable.

  2. Shortest word in English language that has all it’s letters in alphabetical order – Well actually a nerd is a knowledge freak not a “less bright” person me. So janedoe, definitionally was using ‘nerd’ in the correct manner in that sentence :)

  3. moron! – hey some1, i think you really missed something. as toniboy mentioned, nerd is for geeks. let me add that stupid is for you! so please, think first before typing anything here.

  4. Come on!!! – Who cares what TheBlackDrake said? He was just correcting the fact, and i congradulate him for it. He shouldn’t be ridiculed for being smart. Who cares if he’s a nerd? He’s right too. “As” and “a”are much shorter words, as Phoebe said.

  5. what? – we don’t have any problems with drake. yes, he’s correct with the fact he made… we’re giving that “some1lostme” some lessons in definition101!

  6. No Drake is NOT correct – And neither is this “fact”. The longest word with all its letters in alphabetical order is Aegilops followed by billowy and beefily. And the shortest has the same number of letters as the IQ of the person who stated this ridiculously misworded and misinformed “fact”.

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