Questioning Sanity

Have you ever questioned your sanity? You have good reason to. Did you know that one out of every four people has some sort of pychological ‘problem’?

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  1. Lemme ponder this. Hey me too! And me as well! – So if I have multiple personality disorder, and have 24 personalities that means six of me are crazy!!!

  2. lol – nice reasoning aphrodite…it’s kind of dumb though now-a-days how we consider probable natural human thoughts/behaviours as psychological problems. . .not that i am a doctor or know any details, but w/e

  3. i think its me – i checked three friends… i think its me
    lol xoxo luv zzzxxxHONEYxxxzzz

  4. I’m good – It’s not me!!! I have so many psycho friends, it’s statistically impossible for me to be crazy!!! I’m so glad i know that, because i was worried about my mental health for a while. By the way, PANZER definatly has some problems. So does Colouredfreeblackman. I’m not homophobic, i just think he went a little overboard.

  5. what – it is impossible to know how many people have physcological problems partially due to the fact that the only people who come to have their problems diagnosed actually think they do have problems- its like freud- frued was a genius who did research on the human mind and from his hypothesis and all of his experemints proved him right- but there was one problem- he only treated people and cases that were abnormal- he never studied the people who were normal- also not all people with physcological problems seek help the prefer convincing themselves that they are ok (NEVER TRUST STATISTICS THEY ARE ALL LIES!!!!!!)

  6. … – lol I have a psycological disorder (OCD long story)…so lol three of my friends know they’re safe *grin*

  7. i checked – its not impossible to know how many people have physcological problems besides its just an average! anywho i checked and three of my friends are psycho

  8. freud was an idiot – freud was a sexist, perverted, weird guy who’s perception of the human condition was completely skewed due to the fact that he was a total sicko and that he was in love with his mother. screw statistics, DONT TRUST FREUD!

  9. pychologikal problem – I wouldn’t doubt it if 1:4 ppl has a pychologikal problem, becuz there are some KRAZY-ASS ppl in this world.

  10. pychologikal problem – I wouldn’t doubt it if 1:4 ppl has a pychologikal problem, becuz there are some KRAZY-ASS ppl in this world.

  11. im a nutcase – I dont have a psychological problem. i have MANY psychological problems. and i reckon its pretty safe to say that anyone on this site right now has a psychological problem. anyway, i dont suffer from insanity, i enjoy every minute of it. :-S

  12. i think im definitely the 1 – im a skitzo, borderline, and antisocial. i think im the one. i also have insomnia, nightmares and hallucinations!! woo, i have psycho probs!!!

  13. Meep. – Is being really obsessed with J.R.R Tolkien’s writing a psychological problem?

    If it is, I’ll have to be put in a padded cell for the rest of my life.

    Anyway…xP Not me. Because three of my friends…well, one’s always…depressed and stuff.

    Nyah. I’m not psycho. Now…need to find J.R.R Tolkien…bring back to life…mwahahahaaaaaa….

  14. WOW – I have actually questioned myself in that and I guess I’m probably the ‘one out of four’. thanks for putting my mind at rest!

  15. ADD…ADHD… – If you want to count every child who squirms in class, and everyone who can’t pay attention in some stupid history course as having a dissorder, then I would bet that 90% of people have a problem. Obviously diagnosing some of these things have gone too far; just because you aren’t the best reader ever doesn’t mean you’re dislexic. Of course, some people on this site definitely can’t spell at all, so… anyway, if you don’t count learning disorders, then I would be truly amazed if 25% of people have psychological problems. Also, it is true that any stats you find on that are estimates because everyone knows that not everyone whith a problem gets diagnosed with it. And I hope that none of you are taking seriously the first post (check three friends…) Clearly even if the fact is correct, that logic doesn’t actually work. i.e.: find a psycho person, become a friend with him, does that suddenly cure your disorder? Of couse, it’s a funny thing to say anyway…

  16. maybe i have… – ok i know i am crazy thats no suprise but i know for a fact the ratio for insanity and my friends is much much much less than 1-4… try 1-1.

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