What’s Up, Dude?

The word “dude” is the name for an infected elephant butt hair.

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  1. um/…… – actually “dude” comes from duderanch and it means guys who cant ride horses and duderanches teach dudes how to ride horses. but sure if you want to call them infected elephant butt hairs thats OK too!

  2. acually… – close, but not close enough:
    “dude” means a hair on an elephants but, infected or not

  3. “Moron” – The word “moron” is the name for people who believe that the word “dude” is the name for an infected elephant butt hair.

  4. Dude… – Is this really true? If so, it’s getting passed around! Tons of my friends have been saying it, every time i call them dude. When I told them that this is so not true, they told me to look it up. So I looked it up on Google and this came up. Amazing! I expect it’ll be in the History books a few years from now …

  5. actually…… – There are three meanings for dude:
    1)a man who pays excessive attention to his dress.
    2)an easterner in the west.
    3)a man

  6. he is right – dude means an ingrown hair on a elephants butt and its in the dictionary to prove it so dont say it doesnt mean that go look iy up

  7. Hey IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(lakerfan) – YOU look in the dictionary!!!!!!Or if you can’t do that kind of stuff,look on your computer dictionary.DUDE HAS 3 MEANINGS BELIEVE IT BECAUSE IT IS TRUE!!!!!!!That is a stupid myth and you know it and to everybody who belives me tell the idiot who is formaly called lakerfan!!!
    I’m O.K..I’m O.K………

  8. dumb word – dude is just a korny-ass word I kan’t stand!! dumb-ass white boys say that retarded-ass word!! I MAY BE A WHITE BOY BUT I AIN’T A DUMB-ASS BECUZ U KNOW WHY…I DON’T SAY THE GOD-DAMN WORD

  9. ok *reads comment above mine and vomits* – Ok, deadbob just made me puke and santana needs anger management. hmm… im sure dude means that in like old english language or something… but nowadays, uh… not so much.

  10. It IS true – If you can get ahold of a dictionary that is more than about 15-20 years old, you will find out for yourself that this is infact a TRUE meaning of the word, or was at one time. It was in both the dictionaries that I used growing up, and I proved it to many people. I would have to agree with TriviaQueen about santana. LOOK IT UP PEOPLES…and I don’t mean in today’s online dictionary, or any one that has been published since probably 1990.

  11. Butt Hair – Gee, I wonder how it gets ingrown in the first place? Do they shave the elephants butt, so they could get the “infected” hair or do they just say that by a guy who actually put his face up the elephants asshole?? I wonder….

  12. Howbout this. – Anybody realize how long we’ve all been talking about a combination of the following?
    An Elephant Butt-hair, an infected elephant butt-hair, and ingrown elephant butt hair, easterners pretending to be westerners and stupid-ass white boys? Well it was posted at least in 2003.

  13. some1lostme – u can’t spell butt. and acually dude is what guys call all their “friends” just to be cool. and to raise their egoes…

  14. i just noticed sumthin – hey santana and deadbob, why u allways fighting? and who wrote that retarded dictionary somebody read? and does it exactly say “infected ass-hair of an elepahant”? thats disgusting and i dont beleive any of it. go get a life

  15. hmm – isnt it fair to say that someonses interpritation of said word is theirs and is indevidual as well as conceptual?

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