Was that him?

In Arizona, you cannot Drive past the same place more then 3 times in one hour. Its a law.

5 thoughts on “Was that him?”

  1. Another brilliant fact poster… – It’s called cruising. And it is illegal in countless cities across the United States. Just more proof that I am smarter than anyone here.

  2. listen ya’ll…….. – these dumb ass laws are for state reogition only, meaning Out of towners or visitors would say hey look at this state example Ohio. in ohio you cannot talk to a goose, or wink at a sailboat going faster than 70 knots an hour, or someting stupid like park then get ouut your car and check the tire 50 seconds after parking. you get my drift…….lol ppl

  3. reveek – This law is intended to prevent criminals from casing sites for potential robberies and finding the quickest escape route by car.

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