My Foot? Really?

The Lower section of the average human’s arm (between the elbow and the wrist) is the exact same length as their feet.

9 thoughts on “My Foot? Really?”

  1. DUH!!! – if anyone ever watched Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts says that when she first meets Richard Gere in his best friends car… DUH!!!

  2. Yep. – It’s true. I tell people that all the time and then make them try it. If you can’t get your foot up to your arm for whatever reason, just measure up to a shoe.

  3. hehe – I probably already knew that, but forgot.. but it still amused me for like a minute hahaha!!!

  4. and – the same size as the distance betwen youre shoulders and from the top of your head tothe end of your neck
    its the seventh part of your hight

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