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The Oblivion ride at Alton Towers has a G-force of 5. Thats higher than the G-force of an average NASA take-off!

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  1. well…ok – no1 has commented on this yet, so i figured i would be the first, even though i do not understand one bit of it ;)

  2. True. – It’s a rollercoaster with an almost vertical drop. I’ve been on it, the G-Force is very strong as you drop down.

  3. g-force – g-force the multiple of the force of gravity- everything falls at the speed of 9.8 meters per second squared

  4. depends – Saturn 5 rocket has a launch of over g-5 but the obsolete shuittle has a lower liftoff velocitie

  5. Oblivion – I wouldn’t doubt the ride Oblivion has a G-force of 5, becuz the ride is krazy as hell, and has a direct vertikal drop.

  6. Yeah. – “You people realy need to learn how to type a coherent sentence.”

    You “realy” need to learn how to spell really.

  7. sure – If you were take that many g’s, alot of people would be passing out or getting extreme tunnel vision from this ride making it very dangerous and hazardous to one’s health. Where did you get this fact from? I do not think your amazing brain is that amazing.

  8. free fall – I don’t think the G-force of a roller coaster could possibly come from a drop. When you’re falling, you experience 0 G-forces, because you are in a free fall and the coaster is going down at the same speed you are. Of course, you’re not actually in a free fall, so you still feel gravity, but much less than you normally would on the ground, so less than 1 G. If you mean backwards G’s, then maybe. But 5 is a lot, and you would have to be moving forwards incredibly fast for that to happen – 49 m/s. That is equivalent to almost 180 km/hr, which is 111.8 mi/hr. That is way faster than any roller coaster I’ve ever heard of except for the Top Thrill Dragster.

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