The CIA was smuggling drugs into the U.S that they had solen from Iran during the Iran contra affair. What where they doing with these drugs you ask? Why selling them on the streets of Los Angeles and other major cities in America. How were they selling these drugs you ask, by giving them to the L.A.P.D who then distributed them amongst the drug dealers…how fun!!

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  1. Sure.. – Yeah right, The CIA doesn’t do that, you candyass. Furthermore… what’s your source? How can you expect anyone to think you’re telling the truth if you include no source?!

  2. SUKARANBOO: – How can you expect anyone to believe YOU when you provide no evidence, no source and use profanity to sneer at someone?

    Hypocrisy really is a bitch, isn’t it?

  3. yup – Called black operations here people. This happens far to often. You all better realize that Rumsfeld isn’t only anti-terrorism. This happened in Vietnam when we traded drugs with Cambodia. I really don’t know the pollitics of this action but this is the kinda stuff that is not meant to be on CNN. Not ever meant to see the light of day. So secret that the squad members in the operation could be “debriefed”, so to speak. People would just disapear

  4. stupid – Yeah, and I just parked my black helicoptor next to the flying saucer that landed last night.

    Some people will believe anything.

  5. Be fair… – While it’s perfectly possible that the CIA smuggled drugs into our country from Iran, I refuse to believe that the entire CIA was in on it. SOME members of the CIA could have decided to attempt to make a killing through illeagal drug dealership, surely the CIA as a whole would not be able to do that without a stop being put to it ere the substance reached the U.S.
    I don’t like people who take drugs… customs police, for example.

  6. cia and drugs – The CIA and within the Vatican/Freemasonry cabal control ALL drug trafficking in the world.

  7. This is true. – Read up on the Iran/Contra scandal and find out. By the way it was Senator Kerry who was responsible for the Iran Contra investigation. He is the man who pressed the investigation. Read up on it. There is a myriad of info on this issue all over the Internet. It is also a matter of basic history. I thought everyone knew this.

  8. actually.. – if u think about it its actually pretty smart, they hire the drug dealer have him
    sell it to any worthless drug abuser, arrest the abuser and catch plenty of druggies

  9. Drugs – This is true about the government dealing drugs. In Men, Arkansas the government has landed hundreds of tons of drugs. Many people have been killed in the area who knew too much.

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