12 thoughts on “no suprise”

  1. You don’t know your stuff – It’s every 5 seconds. And if I’m in the cold shower it’s every 35 seconds.

  2. no – that is a survey conducted on many popular websites for teenager- so the males taking these surveys are most likely high school teenagers with raging hormones

  3. leave it at this….. – It’s not 35 sec, it’s not 11 secs, it’s not 2 secs, and it’s not 5 secs. IT’S 7 FRAGileING SECS, IT’S A FACT!!!!!

  4. Fornicating….whoa “BIG” word, hehe – Wow, sex on guys brains, who COULD ever think that? Well i could, almost all friends (ahem…males) think about it. And it’s no joke about it. Some people can’t help, i’mpretty sure. i think it about too and i’m a girl! Mostly with the gus i like (ahem) Anyways, i think it’s okay to think those things. You know…release sexual tension……..lol

  5. IDIOTS – it is imposible to think of sex every 7 seconds…….maybe like once a day….. if your doing anything besides sex, your not thinking of sex.If your thinking of sex right now its because im talking about sex.Whoever thought of this is obviously a pervert and a dumbass.

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