Ewwww…. Ozone

Did you know that cow farts are one major cause of global warming.

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  1. Ponder. – Where do human farts into this picture? I assume cows fart more than humans? Do cows pass a greater volume of gas when they fart or something?

  2. Damn! – Well.. how can a cow contribute at global warming? Don’t think so! Maybe it will choose another thing to do because it defenately CAN’T warm up the globe! hihihihiiiiiii

  3. …. – thats cows burps and it is in nooooo way a LARGE cause of global warming!!! its dickhead humans that cause global warming!!

  4. ugh – global warming is made up! the earth is not warmer than it should be considering it’s natural cycle, it’s actually cooler. global warming was a pandemonium brought upon by a group of over reactive “scientists” who are anti-progessional and wanted to world to regress into one that doesnt even use fossil fuel. IT’S MADE UP, THERE IS NO SUCH THING!!! so cow farts cant contribute to it.

  5. People – Cows cant fart, they burp. and the gas that they burp is strong enough to damage little parts of the ozone layer each time. also, i read somewhere that if the farts of an average human was collected in a year, you would have enough fuel(was it fuel? something like that) to make a cup of coffee. hmm…maybe i should post this as one of the worthlessfacts…

  6. oh, one more thing – aphroditejr, i think maybe one reason that cows fart/burp more might be because they have 4 stomachs and maybe more air gets trapped when it’s digesting or sth…i dunno…just a guess

  7. Oops… – haha…i might have got the first comment wrong cause i just read someone’s post that you yell…i think the fact that had to do with average people farting was that they would have produced gas equivalent to an atomic bomb…soooomething like that…i really have to get my facts straight…

  8. Dumbasses – human farts dont have carbon monoxide in it which is why it doesnt contribute to global warming- global warming is a real thing- its why venus is so hot because their atmosphere is made mostly up of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide- the only reason why earth isnt going through the same thing is because oxygen and nitrogen make up most of the atmospere and the carbon dioxide and monoxide is much smaller but is being contributed to by pollution- carbon monixide and clouroflorbalcarbons (i think thats how you spell it) cause the O2 molecules in the ozone to break up which causes global warming- also piong- its the other way around- cow cant burp they fart- i noticed at a friends ranch- and damn it stinks

  9. It’s True – There are so many cows in the world and they fart more then a gallon of methane per day per cow. They are the major contributing factor to global warming. And yes, methane is a greenhouse gas.

  10. totally true – yeah! my science teacher told us about it when we were studying global warming and i saw it in a science video

  11. Get your facts together – Cows can’t burp, they can fart though. I know this because I live on a ranch and I’m enrolled in an animal science class.A cow bloats because it can’t burp, when it does bloat you have to cut open it’s stomach to let out the METHANE gas. Oh yeah, cows are not destroying our ozone, our cars are but none of you are complaining about that. Personally I don’t care about our ozone anyway, I’ll never live to see it’s destruction so I’ll keep on contributing to it’s death. Frag all you environmentalists!!!

  12. ya know… – you know, I have never seen/heard/smelled a cow burp or fart, but I’m sure that their gas can’t be anywhere as smelly as my little sister’s!!!

  13. stupid – whoever said that global warming isnt happening is an idiot, without it we woudl be frozen soldi every winter, then burned barren every summer, methene is a greenhouse gas and cows pruduese huge quontities of mathene becese the realese it from chewing and regurgitating kud(dont know hat to spell kud) so eat , or rather dont if ur a cow

  14. Moon vs. Venus – Obvioiusly with an atmosphere too thin the earth would be like the moon in that we couldn’t retain heat at night, or keep it out at day, and we would get extreme temperatures every day. But global warming (and yes cows do contribute a lot more than you would think) is when unnatural polution to cause a greenhouse effect much more substantial then there is now. Supposedly if we pollute too much so much thick gas will be in our atmosphere that it will parch the Earth at day and keep the heat all night too, like Venus. Of course, it would take millions and millions of years to get a climat anything close to Venus’s, but each century most scientists think that the average temperatuce is going up a couple of degrees from global warming. AND YES, COWS’ FARTS CONTRIBUTE TO GLOBAL WARMING, but not nearly as much as cars or factories.

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