You’d think scientists would be more creative.

The Genus and species of a gorilla are Gorilla gorilla.

7 thoughts on “You’d think scientists would be more creative.”

  1. gorilla gorilla gorilla – there is actually subspecies named gorilla too. so it’s full name is gorilla gorilla gorilla

  2. Brilliant. *aplauds* – First off. Classifications should never be underlined. …… That would just be insanity. And second, many animals have thier “latin name” or “Scientific name” as the same thing. Alces alces, Bison bison. just to name a few. If you dont understand the clasification system, then dont pay attention to it. *lol* Christ. You would think some people would pick up a book now and then before they go on rants and post information they have no Clue on. Yea, and there is also a species Canis latrans, what is the point? Canis lupus is an easy one. Lets see you try and figure out and memorize the rest.

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