Whales can never focus both their eyes on the same object at once

5 thoughts on “Whales”

  1. whoa – because its eyes are so far apart? what if its a gian hoolahoop that goes around the whale’s head – heh? heh?

  2. Lol – This is inside of a person’s mind nameed BO lol and where in the hell would you find a giant hoolahoop?¿

  3. I can’t believe anyone actually didn’t realise that – If you look at a whale, you would have to realise that their periferal vision is blocked by the bulk and shape of their heads

  4. Well – -well no shoot!!!!!!!!!!! a whales head is huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and like whoever said about the hullahoop… u r right there is no hullahope that is bigger than a whales head!!!!

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