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  1. …….here – It is because a cheetah is actually classified as a small cat. Same with the Jaguar. Although many people think this classification between the small and large cats is due to the size. It is false. They classify them by thier ability to vocalize. Large cats can roar, but are unable to purr. Making it so that small cats cannot roar, but are able to purr. The loud vocalizations by these “large cats” which are in fact classified as a small cat (Cheetah, cougar…etc), are screams. Low pitched screams are commonly mistaken for a roar. And while we are on the topic, Did you know that Cheetahs are the only feline that cannot retract thier claws? Odd but true. When they are being tracked, thier prints are similar to that of the canid family. (claw marks from unretracted claws are vissable on top of the toe pad indents…)

  2. disagree – Well actually what’s your definition of a big cat. (Actually cheetahs are ‘big’ cats) Tabby cats are huge to ants, and it’s incorrect to just split domestic cats and wildcats with the adjective big. Wild and domestic are better adjectives.

  3. Big Cat – It is not size that matters. Did you not just read the comment i posted, toniboy? ……..

  4. Ever been chased by one? – Jaguar roars: Jaguars are solitary creatures with territories that can be as small as 5 sq km when prey is plentiful. Adults avoid each other by roaring. In this way, they avoid potentially fatal contacts with each other in the dense undergrowth. A jaguar’s roar sounds more like a hoarse cough, and they also roar to attract mates. Like other big cats, they don’t purr.

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