14 thoughts on “Geese”

  1. umm – umm sure…have you checked every place in the southern hemisphere..wut if they have one at a zoo there???

  2. Cool – I heard from somewhere that there are no geeze at all anywhere on the northern hemisphere, too! I was like OMG NO WAY, you can not be serious!

  3. Nice going, dictionary. – You’ve probably noticed this already, but you do realize you spelled ‘geese’ wrong, right?

  4. Who came with that lie? – There are geese in the southern hemisphere, surprisingly enough there are ganders too.

  5. whatever! – dude i live in new zealand which is the southern hemisphere and of course we have them here dork! there at the ponds and lakes and everything!

  6. Nooo!!!! – This fact is wrong, geese are found in Australia. Cape Barren goose is just one native species

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