Arctic Wolves

Food is so scarce in the Arctic, that wolves don’t waste any part of their meals. A wolf will eat every part of an arctic hare, including the skin, fur, and bones.

4 thoughts on “Arctic Wolves”

  1. They dont. – Actually. Most canid species consume the fur of thier prey. They also consume parts of the bones. When it gets into the digestive track, the enzymes break it down partialy, taking out all the necissary nutrients, then they pass it back up through the esophagus and spit it out. It is similar to an owl scat. Although sometimes the canid does not spit this pelet out, and it comes out in thier feces as a hairy boney….for lack of a better word… poop

  2. NOT TRUE – It makes sense to me if a wolf eats the skin and fur…but not the bones. I don’t think that’s true.

  3. Bones have nutrients – Apparently you don’t own or have never seen a dog. Wolves would be considered part of the dog family.Dogs eat bones. They don’t just chew on them, they eat them. Then crap them out. Maybe the bones themselvs cantain no nutional value, but I do know bone marrow does.

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