Technological breakthrough

The reason why the very beginning of The Wizard of Oz is black and white, is because color was not available at that point. When color was available, the writers decided to start using it in Munchkinland.

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  1. Vision vs Technology – This is just untrue. The black and white (actually, Sepia tone) used in the Kandas scenes was a visual effect chosen by the directors. In the Wizard of Oz book, each land of Oz had a different colour designated to it. The Emerald City was green, Munchkin Land was blue, Quadling country was red and Winkie country was yellow. With the exception of the Emerald City, these colour designations were dropped in favour of showing off the spectrum of colours available in the Technicolour technique. What they did keep was Baum’s description of Kandas as brown and dull, hence the sepia tones. The first full-length colour movie was Becky Sharp, done in 1935.

    A truthful fact was that the colour of Dorothy’s shoes was changed from the novel’s silver to the movie’s ruby as it was decided ruby would look better among all of the colour in Oz. The ruby slippers are now more well-known than the silver. In fact, Disney paid MGM a royalty to use the ruby slippers in “Return to Oz” in 1985 because they were so well known.


  2. Morons – You’re sneering at fans of literature? The level of stupidity here is amazing. I bet you prefer Harry Potter to the Wizard of Oz.

  3. To MizzaBerry – What’s bad about either Harry Potter OR Dorothy? They were both idealistic fictional characters bent on improving/explaining their worlds. In what way will that hurt childrens’ minds?

  4. yeah – its not true because the wizard of oz wasnt the first colour film .and colour was available at that time.but on these guys notes i think you need to develope understanding and enjoyment.the WOO was a very good film and oh my god!it contained NOTHING bad or porny in it.(no that isnt a hanging man in the background)

  5. The REAL Reason – The whole point of the movie being black and white (sepia… whatever) at the beginning and color throughout the rest was that the whole Technicolor thing started with that movie in 1939. The filmmakers wanted people to think they were going to see just another black and white movie, but pulled a shocker on them when it “magically” turned to color. Ha!

  6. False – MinaClare was right. I went on to this to say the same thing. I love the color-changing pony in the emerald city.

  7. . – i agree the its false. all your guys reasons sound good to me but i like to think that the reason the color changes is to show her imagination. you know like she dreaming the whole thing so maybe its to show that where she lives is so so but she loves to escape to her own fantasy land

  8. old movies are for old ppl/adults – u guys must ain’t got shoot to do, rather then watching old-ass movies. The Wizard of Oz…wtf??? I hope the majority of u guys aren’t teenagers

  9. Yeah. – “I bet you prefer Harry Potter to the Wizard of Oz”

    I bet you prefer The Wizard of Oz to Lord of the Rings.

    By the way, I’m 16, and I’m quite sure that most of us ARE teenagers.

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