pigs and elbows

it is impossible for a pig to look up at the sky and people can not lick their elbows!!!!! be sure to remember that the next time you stick your elbow in spagetti =)

20 thoughts on “pigs and elbows”

  1. wrong! – There are people who can lick their elbows, just very few. My friend Martine and I can do it.

  2. Martine – Congrats on the ability to perform such a great task, but it sucks for you, midget, since your limbs are not proportional to a normal sized human, yet your head is, it gives you and your crazy friend an advantage because your arms are short and your tongue is long, later

  3. i lick my elbow all the time – i can lick my elbow… and i can stuff my fist into my mouth

  4. so? – who needs to lick their elbows?? and why do we need to know that pigs cant look at the sky?? a plus ur “wrong by TheBlackDrake on Thursday, September 25, 2003 @ 08:58 PM
    – 1. Hold up a pig so it looks at the sky. 2. Sever your elbow first.” c??

  5. Freak of Nature – I can lick my elbow easily all the time andi don’t have a long tongue of a double jointed elbow. My friend called me a freak of nature as a result.

  6. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!! – ITS PROVEN MANY TIMES 99.9 percent of ALL people will try this. its in our nature. only exemtions are handicap people, people that are shy to do it maybe at a internet cafe. and all other types of ill minded people. and for pigs what in the hell do they EVER need to look at the sky? thats like a human looking into the corner of the wall. what is the purpose.

  7. Well, that’s reassuring – Yay! I didn’t attempt to lick my elbow OR make a pig look at the sky… I guess that makes me in either that 0.1% or 25% of people that didn’t do it, according to Jayson or AdamG…
    Go me!
    (I think that the fact about the pig was referring to the fact that pigs do not have the ability to move their heads in an upward movement. Sure, it is possible for them to see the sky, in unorthodox methods such as BlackDrake and KiRsT invented, but if you read it through, it says ‘It is impossible for a pig to look up at the sky…’, which implies that pigs cannot look upwards. [Sorry if I sound like a know-it-all…. It’s just my nature… Ask anyone that knows me..])

  8. I CAN HAHA! – Just thought I would let whoever is readin this know that I can lick my elbow soo hes wrong :D:D:D later,

  9. Er…… thats crap! – I can lick my elbow and have done several times! (just to prove to people that i can, nothing else) Though it is true, i am the only person i know who can…

  10. MAYBE SO – that may be true about pigs, but not about the elbow licking…a few of my friends can do it, it’s rather funny to watch

  11. ? – WHY ARE YOU LICKING YOURSLEVES PEOPLE? to see if you can accomplish such a task i suppose. wow you can LICK YOUR ELBOW heres the noble prize.

  12. licking the elbow.. – I can lick my elbows, the tip of them not the side and i’m not a midget with disproportioned limbs!

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