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When someone commits suicide while jumping off a building, so much adrenaline builds up that you have a heart attack and die before hitting the ground. Thus making this way of commiting usicide basically the easiest.

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  1. Freezing – When you freeze to death your body heats up (some people actually take off their clothes) then you fall asleep basically.

  2. Chicle – “Chicle” is Spanish for pretty woman, yet, it means “dirty slut” in Xhosa. In 1977, Vietnamese paleontologist, Eugene Alkinge found a piece of sperm sample dated as far back as 3800 b.c., this concluded that Zulu tribes contributed greatly to Egyptian society, thus giving us the term “its raining cats and dogs.”

  3. nuh ah – actually, when you jump off a building or similar, your body shuts down, you don’t have a heart attack. the body reacts to facing the fact of hitting the ground that it shuts itself down before it happens

  4. i like this one – this one is interesting….but y would ane1 want to jump off a building when just looking down from the top would scare the hell outta ya, plus it would probebly scare me so much i would die right there so yeh, just thought i would say that

  5. why do we need to kno that? – i would not be saying that!! some people may actually go and do it!!!!

  6. The easiest. . . – Accually to sit in a closed garage with the car runnin gwould be easiest.
    You’de pass out. Simple enough.

  7. fun – that would be the best way to commit suicude. You would feel like you were flying before you died.

  8. hmm.. – Another simple way someone could kill themselves would be by buying a block of dry ice, putting it in warm water, and then taking it with them to a small, unvented area…. you would die painlessly. Lol, funny fact coming from me the anti-suicide person

  9. Not really – With bungee jumping, you know that you’re not going to hit the ground. Therefore, not so much aldrenaline would build up. The aldrenal gland is connected with the brain, which would know you weren’t going to die.

  10. Heart Attack – Actually, most people have a heart attack before they hit the ground. They realize what’s happening and their brain says “hey, what the f*ck are you doing?” and then it clicks that it’s too late for them to turn back or second guess them selves, so they go into cardiac arrest. Ha!

  11. Stunt Men? – what about stunt men then? i always see them jumping from buildings with a huge [usually blue] mattress on the ground. and what about skydivers? they usually free fall a few hundred feet before pulling their parachute…and also people trapped in house/kitchen fires sometimes have to jump out…but maybe there’s more to it than just the falling part…maybe there’s a psychological part to this too…

  12. That’s not the point – Yeah, people would know that they’re not going to hit the ground by bungee jumping or skydiving, it’s the impact of the jump or fall. The brain takes response and knows you’re going to survive. But why would you want to jump off a building when you could just shoot yourselve? I think thats easier.

  13. ummmm, yea – ok, alex, not everybody has access to a gun, and buildings are most everywhere. but still, i would never jump off a building. I think they’d rather do it to get attention. And commiting suicide is illegal, it’s attempted murder. and i heard that breathing into a small paper bag gives women orgasms, but they aren’t very long, or strong. And it can kill you from cutting off oxygen, first making you pass out though.

  14. nope – If somebody has a heart attack while jumping off a 3 story build.. why doesnt a person jumping off an airplane 2 miles in the air have a heart attack?

  15. To sweepy…. – Sweepy if u think about it when someone jumps out of a 3-story bldg, u know they’re trying to kill themself, but then when someone is jumping out of an airplane u know that they’re doing it for the thrill of it…I mean what person is gonna jump out of a 3-story without trying to kill themself?…unless they’re trying to eskape a fire or something and ends up killing them self accidentally…but that’s besides the point. ppl have ways of killing themselves but they ain’t gonna jump out of an airplane and do it, at least I never heard of anyone jumping out of an airplane and killing themselves

  16. Just a small note. Or two. – Why did this come to a small chat board about different ways to kill yourself painlessly, or in Alex’s post, short amount of pain (depending on where in the head you shot yourself) the bullet could pass between the two hemispheres of your brain, and you can survive, as long as you don’t die of blood loss, and then survive the operation, but this has happened.

    Sukaranboo: your method is a waste of dry ice, if you were in a room, unvented, for long enough, you would die soon enough, you would be converting all the oxygen in the air into carbon dioxide with every breath you were to take, and this release of CO2 is the same cause of death if you were to place dry ice into water… Use your head before your fingers.

  17. Suicidal – I love life. I love Sabi. I lost Sabi. I lost my life. I wish I could tell you what it’s like to jump off the building. Oh, but dear me, I fear I’ll live to tell the tale. My goal is to go for the 12th story in Honolulu, Hawaii. Farewell World.

  18. why do you care? – ok…unless you really want to commit suicide why do you care what the easiest way to commit suicide is or when you commit suicide how you actually die…if you are one of those who really wants to commit suicide you need to get some help…NOW…some people mentioned that suicide is a crime and it is but if you commit suicide you cant be charged so in my opinion suicide should not be illegal…there is no point…that doesnt mean im not against it(trust me i am) but it is just a waste of time!! thanks for your taim though! what i have to say is important!!love always-bbthebrilliant

  19. wisdom of suicide – I don’t know if anyones going to read this, and I sure don’t think it will change anyones opinions on suicide, because those tend to be pretty strong, I also want to make it clear I am neither for nor against suicide. H’OK! In my opinion, suicide is a personal choice. People seek power to make themselves happy, people seek sex to make themselves happy, people even seek the pain of others to make themselves happy. Suicide is another one of those things. Everyone can (perhaps with a little thought) say what they think the meaning of life is, and usually, it is what would make them most happy. This is the meaning of life; to be happy (remember,this is only my opinion). If someone is an attension seeking suicide-ee then they will get attension. they will be happy. if someone genuinly would be happy to kill themselves….well good for them. The people i don’t like listening to are those who believe suicide people need lots of help and sympathy. How can that make thier lives happier? unless they are the minority that wants it, it will make their lives hell. it shows how little trust you have in them, it shows how little you think of them, it shows that you dissaprove of them and belittles the sittuation they feel has created this desire. It irks me when people have the attitude that these are all people seeking attention. They Are Not.

  20. BUT… – How would anyone know what happens when you jump off a building and kill yourself? You’d only know if you tried it and then you’d die so no-one else that’s alive would know so I don’t see how that’s true and there is no proof! So I guess anything could happen to your body when you do it, but no-one knows the truth

  21. No – I agree with spiffyplatapus 1989. Just because there have been people who have jumped off buildings and had heart attacks in mid-air (not neccessarily from adrenaline), there just aren’t that many people who honestly die from fright. Of course, bunjee jumping (or sky diving) wouldn’t be as scary considering you can assume you won’t die. Also, breathing in CO2 would not be the least painful way to die, because the gas isn’t all that poisonous and you would just suffocate. Trust me, I would rather jump off a building than drown in my closet.

  22. not true – you wouldn’t die if you jumped off a 3 story building..you would just break your leg or arms…remember that shooting at that school where the only people that survived were the ones who umped out to window…it was three stories up.

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