Must be tradition.

As mentioned, the first Fords used Dodge engines. Many ford vehicles now use Nissan engines, especially in Mini-vans.

5 thoughts on “Must be tradition.”

  1. ummmmm let me see…no! – nah man that is not true. listen a part of a car is a part of a car. example a tire i hear, is just a tire. meaning there all the same. meaning the fancy names on the tires are really just for more sales within a certain company. so engines are basically ALL the same. just different named parts. like the ford Escape. and the Navigator are the same also just bigger engine parts, different manufactures and different user and people information. sources are only just sources

  2. Jeez.. – Thats the stupidiest thing I have ever heard. I guess there was a “Dodge” factory that produced only engines, so he could sell to Henry. Ha Ha HA..

  3. Soo – so ford own jaguar so that guy in the jag is just driving a collection of ford parts dressed up nice.

  4. hey – one of my friends brother in-laws maudified a ford engine, it now gets 100 miles per gallon, the guys who run GMC, FORD, and other car companys will sue him if he uses it or sells it, simpley because it would mean that people wouldn’t spend as much money on gas, hows that for ya? lol I now think there all jerks

  5. Experience huh? – So you were alive when the first fords came out? Like ranger said was there a dodge company out at exactly the same time ford came out to provide engines or did for import them from mexico in the early 1900’s?

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