Impossible Physics

If you fell into a black hole and somehow survived the “spaghetti effect” as far as an outside observer you would never “enter” the black hole because as you crossed the event horizon and approached singularity all time would stop and have no meaning. And to the outside observer you would just fade away as light could no longer escape past the event horizon.

8 thoughts on “Impossible Physics”

  1. Matter for thought. – Did you know that “exotic matter” has the possibilty of traversing through a black hole, but no exotic matter has been discovered? Kind of pointless to even say there even is exotic matter isn’t it?

  2. well really now be serious – you cannot say this for sure yes there is a black hole(discovery channel has you learn neat things like did you know eventually we may run into one and be sucked in….if were lucky)anyway you can never say anything for sure about a black hole since no one has been sucked into one

  3. LHC – Black holes so far are standing within the boundaries of speculation
    It is a mathematical abstraction dervied from einsteins field equations
    People have only imagined how they would look like so far this image has grown so big that you can almost feel it touching the tip of your fingers
    we expect this phenomena to be diagnosed within the next years with the arrival of the LHC(Large hadron collider)

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