You’d Need a Big Baby Name Book

If every star in the Milky Way had a name and someone was to recite those names at the rate of one per second, it would still take them four-thousand years to do it.

4 thoughts on “You’d Need a Big Baby Name Book”

  1. Only if I did my math correctly – Does that mean there’s 126144000000 stars in the Milky way? ( If I did my math correctly.)
    4000 * 365 = 146000 then 146000 * 24= 35040000 then
    35040000 * 60= 2102400000 then 2102400000 * 60= 126144000000

    and 1 second = one star…then I assume that’s approximately how many stars there are in the galaxy?

  2. Actually… – You would have to take all sorts of things in to account for this to be correct. Each year has 364 and a quarter days, hence leap years every 4 years. So the number of seconds in four thousand years is not the number you arrived at.
    A host of other things would also have to come in to account.

    And, plus, most science is bullshoot since they obviously can’t count all the stars in the galaxy. Just like I laugh in peoples’ faces when they tell me that the sun or whatever is *so many* miles away from earth. Yeah, right.

  3. . – Yeah :/ I didn’t take the quarter days into concideration. Hence the reason I said “Approximately” the number of stars. I agree with you on most of the “Oooh, how can scientists figure this out?” but there are ways they can do some of these things. Although…I’m not sure how. Maybe I’ll ask a scientist one day.

  4. Gravity…I think. – I definitely can’t say I’m sure, but I think they use math and telescopes to determine the gravity of the galaxy, and use that, along with the average # of planets/star, to determine the number of stars in the galaxy. And to think, this is one of billions and billions of galaxies…

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