Roll Over, Sleepyhead

The only animals that can naturally sleep on their backs are humans. No other animal actually does–apes usually sleep sitting up and leaning on something.

15 thoughts on “Roll Over, Sleepyhead”

  1. That’s bullshoot. – I have a cat (it’s breed is the Sacred cat of Burma), and it sleeps on it’s back with it’s hindlegs sticking out and it’s front legs crouched under it’s chin.

  2. mew – um..then you have one strange cat…cause mine sleeps curled up….on its side? I’ve never seen her on her back…

  3. bs – all three of my dogs will sleep on there back and my cat, so you should get your facts straight next time

  4. Hey! – I have three kitties, and one of them sleeps on his back but usually only when he can lean his side on something……… he’s so cute

  5. Roll Over, Sleepyhead – I have seen many animals sleeping on their backs, such as tigers, lions, bears, house cats, dogs and ant eaters. I think a little research would have helped.

  6. Er… – Actually, my border collie/cocker spaniel mix sleeps on her back (our other dog doesn’t, but he can’t seem to get the balance right.)

  7. It’s not true – Casper, if u goldfish is sleepin on it’s back he’s probably dead. That’s not true, becuz humans ain’t animals. That explains it all, don’t it? KOMMON SENSE PPL

  8. that aint true – my cat frosty always sleeps on her back. so does my dog. santana…….people are humans…….animal-n. a living organism characterized by voluntary movement.

  9. blahhh – My cat does sleep on her back… but when shes REALLY hot she`ll lay there… and once she fell asleep lmao it was soo cute

  10. idiots – u guys are all morons.. is ur stupid assed cat nipples and entire species? no tis not so shut the hell up hes right except sidewinders also sleep on there backs , thats itso shut up about americas gayest home movies with ur cats on there backs DOES YOUR CAT SPEAK FOR EVERY CAT IN THE WORLD? no

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