There’s enough water preassure in one onion cell to cause a steam engine to explode.

9 thoughts on “BOOM”

  1. not possible – you would need a certain mass and amout of water to explode a train- there isnt enough water stupid

  2. an onion cell blowing up a train? – if an onion could blow up a train wouldn’t we have fewer trains?

  3. here is what they were trying to say – an onion cell has an incredible amount of water pressure in it. if a train’s boiler was under a proportionally equal amount of pressure, it would blow it up.

  4. FRAGileING BULLSHOOT!!!! – ummmm, no, a cell of an onion is so small, it takes 180,000 of the piled on each other to be as tall as a piece of looseleaf paper

  5. really? – did u test this theory? cuz i dont wanna look like an idiot holding an onion under the steam engine at work

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