I Love You!

Greek has over 4 words for love. English has only one. Get my drift?

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  1. Yer momma – Agape, philos and eros are three of ‘em. I don’t know the others. They’re spelled differently, of course, because the Greek have their own alphabet.

  2. Not So Sure – As a greek student…
    I can only come up with three root words for ‘love.’
    Agape, Philos, and Eros.
    I cannot imagine another word for it. In fact, there doesn’t seem to be philosophical room for it as Agape, Philos, and Eros cover all of the philosophical forms of love.

  3. On love: – Agape: unconditional love (like a god’s love)
    Eros: sexual love
    Philia: Friendship
    I think the fourth one is Storge, which is romance.

  4. who cares? – Who cares that greeks have 4 words for love to choose from and english speakers only have one? i don’t speak greek so i don’t care! *smile*

  5. uh huh – quote:
    Greek has over 4 words for love. English has only one.
    if what you people are saying is true: that Agape means unconditional love and Eros means sexual love, and Philia means Friendship and Storge, which is romance. then the english language has 3 words for love: friendship, love, and romance. therefore making the fact incorrect. Get my drift?

  6. poor greek guys – so a greek guy cant just say love ya and make the girls think its the “romantic one” in stead of like love (care about u or say it so they cant get laid)

  7. Storge does not mean Romantic Love… – You were right on the other three types of love, and even the fact that storge was the 4th kind of love in the greek language…but it does not mean romantic love. Storge is the kind of love that you have for your family…a deep affection for family. Now whether you speak greek, or care or don’t care…get the facts straight! We need to work at being more caring and compassionate people! Love unconditionally! Whatever the language!

  8. be careful – these greek guys and girls need to be careful that way they tell there spouse the right kinda love cause if not it could be the end of tht relationship.

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