Who came up with it??

Let us look at the possible origin of ‘banana’. ‘ba’, in Egyptian mythology is the soul. ‘Nana’, as we all know, is another word for grandmother. So, is a banana, the grandmother of the soul?

10 thoughts on “Who came up with it??”

  1. Ummm… – Actually, “banana” comes from “banan” (not sure what language) which means “Finger” That’s why we call a bunch of bananas a hand.

  2. well – Banan is dutch. I know. I live in Holland. (Yes that country wasy over across the Atlantic. Oh and before you ask, Holland is in Europe)

  3. What?? – Jayson, no one never said that the forbidden fruit was the apple…I think ur in the wrong kategorie….or ur konfused.

  4. Santana – Actually, I meant to say that the forbidden fruit was a banana, according to some religions. why didn’t I just say that, then? I guess I was distracted.

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